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HANAU™ Varsity Flask

Ejector Type

  • Made of forged brass, interior and exterior are both finished
  • Tapered, stainless steel guide pins securely and accurately align flask sections

Varsity Upper Flask
Ejector Type

Varsity Lower Flask
Ejector Type


Varsity Upper Flask or Varsity Lower Flask
(001602-000 or 001702-000)

CSDS Pricing.....$129.95

Varsity Upper Flask or Varsity Lower Flask
(001602-000 or 001702-000)

CSDS Pricing.....$124.95
(6 or more - mix & match)


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HANAU™ Flask Compress

The Flask Compress is a durable, one-piece casting of special high tensile manganese bronze, notable for its strength.  A special wrench and holding handle are supplied and a convenient lifting loop is attached, permitting easy compress placement or removal from hot curing baths.

Hanau™ Flask Compress
(2 Flask) (001001-000)

CSDS Pricing.....$244.95



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HANAU™ Touch-O-Matic®

Bunsen Burner

The Touch-O-Matic's "On-Off" platform saves gas and reduces the heat load and electricity expended.  It also serves as a comfortable hand rest.  Simply depress and turn platform slightly for continuous flame.  The removable and rotatable shield protects the pilot and flame from drafts and the burner assembly can be conveniently detached for cleaning.



Touch-O Matic® Natural Gas Model

CSDS Pricing.....$153.95

Touch-O-Matic® Mixed Gas Model

CSDS Pricing.....$153.95


Touch-O-Matic® Butane Gas Model

CSDS Pricing.....$153.95

Touch-O-Matic® Propane Gas Model

CSDS Pricing.....$153.95



Product Image

HANAU™ Alcohol Torch

The fingertip control of the "trigger" plunger provides just the flame needed.  It readily adjusts to the type of flame desired - from  intense needle point to a mild brushing flame.  The alcohol torch is made of a special durable plastic, with all working parts of metal and employs the principle of an air pump in its trouble-free design and construction.



Hanau™ Alcohol Torch (000301-000)

CSDS Pricing.....$153.95


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